Al Naesar Trading Company LLC , Dubai, established in 1991, is a distributor of high quality equipments and consumables from Europe, serving the oilfield and construction industry in UAE and neighboring GCC countries. With quick and prompt deliveries, effective and immediate service solutions, we enjoy the patronship of many top Companies in the oilfield sector and construction Industry. It is our pride to have an exclusive trade partnership with reputed brands like KOCO, STABILA, PELOX and CAMEL - all from Europe.

KOCO : Koster & Co., Germany manufactures high quality KOCO Brand STUD WELDING EQUIPMENTS and CONSUMABLES like Threaded studs and Shear connectors.

STABILA: STABILA Messgerate, Germany, is a world known manufacturer of high precision meter tapes, Spirit levels, Laser levels , line lasers, rotation lasers and electronic Spirit levels. Al Naesar Trading holds ample stocks of all the range of products from STABILA.

PELOX : PELOX pickling paste and Passivation solutions are the high quality cleaning and passivation products from PELOX Biochemie, Germany.

CAMEL : High quality cutting and grinding discs from SWATY COMET, Slovenia.

Al Naesar Trading Co. LLC also stocks Welding equipments and Consumables from OERLIKON Europe. SS 316L pipes from KOBE, Japan is the new addition to the vast range of SS316L pipe fittings including forged fittings, Flanges and seamless butt-weld fittings.

For the Ship Building and Ship repair industry, we stock a wide inventory of insulation pins, bimetal VBS pins and clips for the pins from HILBIG GmbH, Germany.



The ready availability of all the material locally with Al Naesar has made it a preferred supplier for the companies in Dubai in all segments.



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