Stud Welding Equipment INVERTER 305i

Type AWM Digital

• AWM Digital angle finder for determining and
conveying interior and exterior angles.
• The illuminated digital display and large digits
provide optimum readability.
• The RESET function on the angle finder can be used
in any position, allowing complementary
angles to be measured quickly.
• The HOLD function replaces the locking mechanism
on the arm and facilitates reliable
measurements in hard-to-see places.
• Integrated horizontal and vertical vials for checking the
horizontal and vertical levels.
• The vials allow the device to be used as a normal spirit
level and — in conjunction with the moveable arm —
as an inclinometer.
• In the HOLD and RESET modes, the last measured
value is saved when the device is switched off and reappears when it is switched on again.
• Compact tool — can also be used in places with limited
• Coated measuring surface protects delicate surfaces.
• Measuring range: 0°—180°, Accuracy: ± 0.1°, Display mode: degrees.

Measuring range 0°—180°
Type of vial 1 x horizontal
1 x vertical
Profile Smooth rectangular profile
Blade length / Art. No.
35 cm 18732/3

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